PRP treatment

Which is the best doctor for PRP hair treatment in Ahmedabad?

Platelet rich plasma treatment has to profit massive attention due to high success rate. PRR treatment is effective hair loss treatment and it has acted as a permanent solution for many with excessive hair fall. The PRP is reacting as a proactive therapy option for both male and female patient who wish to get more growth of hair. Clion which gives you a perfect result for PRP hair treatment in Ahmedabad. This is one of the best non-surgical therapeutic option that is achieves stimulation of hair growth for hair loss condition. It also combined with other hair loss treatment or medicine to get the highest possible result.

PRP hair treatment in Ahmedabad
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Advantages of PRP Treatment

  • Simple procedure
  • Safe and reliable procedure
  • Promotes faster natural hair follicle stimulation that help in hair growth
  • Recovery period in PRP treatment is very less
  • It can be used to promote hair growth in areas where laser and other technologies cannot be used.

Cost of PRP Treatment

The cost of PRP Treatment varies from 5000 to 6000 approximately for each session As we see that price may differ to person to person on requirement of the patient. there are some factors which affecting the cost are as follows

    • Requirement of patient
    • location of treatment
    • number of session
    • Utilization of modern technology.

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