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Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment / Ahmedabad

Bio fue hair transplant is the latest advanced technique for hair transplant. Bio fue has refined the result in terms of quality, growth and stability of transplanted hair. The Bio Fue technique the hair follicles or grafts are extracted by our special technique along with administration of growth factors into the scalp, making hair stronger, longer and healthier. There is no restriction and it can be used for both men and women to restore hair when it is healthier and in the shortest time. There are some precaution is also to be taken after bio fue hair transplant treatment.

  • Cover your head with a head cover provided by the surgeon and a loss for a few weeks to avoid direct from sunlight
  • Follow the doctor prescription
  • Avoid heavy physical work like heavy lifting work.

Advantages of Bio Fue Hair Transplant

    • It help one achieve a good density of hair
    • better result
    • It help you to regenerate cell repair the damaged hair cells hence reviving the hair growth system
    • It makes the healing process of donor and transplanted areas faster
    • Stimulated the stem cells for growth of new hair
    • Require no maintenance cost
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What Is Bio Fue Hair Implant ?

In Bio FUE, other than the unions, an uncommon development serum that fortifies the hair follicles and makes them look better and more grounded is additionally infused into the scalp. Bio FUE depends on the germination of the human cell, which can reestablish themselves, particularly during the undeveloped stage. It has been seen to be effective in giving more grounded and better hair development. Along these lines, it takes care of the issues of the patient requesting hair transplantation all the more for all time. We can likewise call this adjusted hair relocate. This strategy is a more effective procedure for the hair transplantation region as well as for the contributor region. In Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment , singular hair unites (hair follicles) are taken from the rear of the head. This forestalls the scar that happens in hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Transfer) in the FUT strategy. These unions (follicular units) are normally happening gatherings of one to four hairs. FUE is a negligibly obtrusive methodology, bringing about less torment and complexities after medical procedure.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment
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In Bio-FUE hair transplant treatment, joins (hair follicles) are put away in biostimulation development factors (PRP). These development factors help the benefactor site recuperate quicker. It prompts quicker hair development. It likewise expands the thickness of crude hair. In Bio-FUE, regenerative cells are united into the FUE contributor region for fast recuperation and development of outstanding hair. The cells likewise work on the quality and thickness of existing crude hair. Quicker twisted mending prompts undetected scars in the benefactor region. Additionally, the development of treated hair is sped up. This isn't just for the relocated hair yet additionally reinforces existing diminished hair follicles. It's anything but a high level procedure with less fastens. Also, this is less and totally protected than the customary system.

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