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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Welcome to Clion care customer more trusted clinic for Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Having an expert in hair implant and other best services Clion care using the most modern processes together with high quality facilities and experience surgeons we provide the best hair transplant in Gujarat with optimal results. Specializes in providing hair loss treatment and hair regrowth solution for any type and stage of hair loss.

We use the highly advanced technique and method including fue Hair transplant extracting Follicles from the skin in the donor area to implant them in the bald areas and redefine your hair line. The duration of the operation is just of a few hours with no risks for your health and all safety condition. Explaining all the procedure of the treatment with no tricks and no hidden costs and after few month you will find the results.

We also provide best hair transplant treatment & Hair Transplant Clinic in major Cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gadhinagar, Mahemdavad, Anand, Nadiad, Mehsana, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Gandhidham, Palanpur, Bhavnagar, Godhra, Morbi, Bharuch, Patan, Navsari , Himatnagar, Halol, Modasa..

Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Our Clinic is famous to offer you the best hair restoration treatment to the patient. Our dermatologist has given years of experience in hair transplant and restoration services and have done many hair transplant surgeries. We assure our patient that they will face no or least hair transplant side effect.

Why Choose Ciloncare

As we all know hair loss does not affect only the people of single country but in any case male or female are experiencing this condition all through the world. You are at the ideal place if you are one of them who are suffering from the hair loss condition. Hair loss condition has several causes which is too difficult to examine for normal person that is the reason we have a group of pros so you can get the correct treatment according to your concern. Several individual get some information about our specialization that why we have gone with you.

  • From First to End Guidance

    From first to end the patient will get complete information. Our doctor and surgeon suggest the patient which method will be good for them. All the possible side effect that they may face after surgery. This decision of the patient should that he/she under go for the surgery or not.

  • Customer Support

    Offer 1-year free customer support after surgery to our patient

  • Technology

    Having the latest machine and the latest pieces of equipment at our clinic. Combination of the technology and expertise bring out the best result of Hair transplant to the patient.

  • Hair Transplant Price

    We bring first class hair restoration services for our patient at an affordable cost. We offer our services in the reach of every single customer.

  • Completed more than 1000+ customer in 3 years in various states.

Hair transplant Treatment  clinic in Gujarat, India
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  • Hair Specialist doctor in Ahmedabad

    Hair fall is a common problem observed by men and women especially by men. It may caused due to environmental, genetic, or other factors. Stressful life is one of the main reason of baldness now a days. Men who work in stressful environments are affected more by hair fall. Therefore, hair transplant surgeries are now common in India. Hair fall may affect professional and personal life adversely. Our hair specialist doctors in Ahmedabad will surely enhance your look.

  • Hair Transplant surgery in Ahmedabad

    Clion Care Clinic , providing the best cosmetic services in Ahmedabad. Clion Care are furnished with world class state of the technologies. Skilled dermatologists take great care of all your hair requirements such as Laser Hair Reduction, PRP treatment, eyebrows transplantation, Bio Fuel Hair transplant treatment, Etc. Latest and cutting edge hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad as well as Hair Transplant surgery in Ahmedabad are provided by Clion Care with best Dermatologist.

  • Best Hair treatment doctor in Ahmedabad

    Our life has become a modern and luxuries but with that we are facing many health issues. Among them Hair fall is the major issues. Do you know youngster as well as teenager are also facing major problems related hair fall. Looking for the perpetual and secure solution to hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad? So what's the solution? Now you don’t need to worry about it. We are here to solve your hair fall problem and we will provide you finest solution. Best Hair treatment doctor in Ahmedabad , best hair transplant and cosmetologist in Ahmedabad , Gujarat is now available at Clion Care. Firstly we will rectify you hair fall or baldness reason, on that basis we will provide you the best hair treatment in Ahmedabad. Clion Care was being introduced in 2017 and till date we have satisfied our 1500+ customers in various states. So we came out as top 5 hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad

  • Eyebrow hair transplant

    In General there are many reasons for hair loss of eyebrows. Mostly eyebrow hair loss are seen in women by over-plucking, which may cause permanent damage to the hair follicle over the time. Aging is another reason. For others, the eyebrow loss caused by a genetic cause, medical treatments, accidents, scars, thyroid disorders, radiation therapy or chemotherapy, etc. So eyebrow hair transplant is the only solution which enhance you look.

  • Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment

    In Bio Fue method, the hair follicles or grafts are draw out by our unique method along with administration of growth factors into the scalp, making hair longer , stronger and healthier. The latest and, modern version of FUE hair transplant is Bio Fue Hair Transplant treatment , which results in natural hair growth . In this treatment it regenerate dead hair follicles on a permanent basis and results in healthy hair growth. Bio Fue Hair transplant treatment is a stitchless and a most famous technique of hair transplant. This process secure that the transplant is not only natural but healthy and effective. As it is natural process, it does not have any significant side effects.

What is meant by Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical technique which moves the hair follicles from one part of the body or head of the donor site to the bald or the balding part of the body which is referred as recipient site. This process is also used in transplanting hair in lashes, eyebrows, beard hair and chest hair. AT Clion Care you will find team of industry expert who are offering amazing and best result in hair transplant and have huge base of happy and satisfied customers.

Hair Transplant Process And Techniques

The simple and easy procedure of Hair transplant surgery is given below.

  • Initial level for the hair transplant

    The first step of the hair transplant surgery hair follicles from the back of the head are removed and relocated to the balding areas.

  • Donor area trimmed

    Surgery is started and before that hair in the donor area are trimmed.

  • Donors are prepared for surgery

    Donor area is trimmed it is given local anesthesia.

  • Tissue trimmed into follicular unit graft

    Microscope is used by the surgical technicians to view donor tissue and then preparing for the follicular unit hair grafts.

Hair Transplant Process And Techniques
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  • Bald recipient area prepared

    Little anesthesia is given to the patient the balding recipient area is prepared for the surgical process. There is no requirement to remove the hair on the top of the recipient.

  • Graft placed according to the requirement

    It dividend in to two smallest grafts is place in the front of the hairline and three and four are placed behind.

  • After the hair transplant surgery

    After the surgery is done then incision with short hair would be visible on the patient operated area.

  • Closing the hair transplant surgery

    The incision mark which is done at the time of the surgery and redness in the recipient area vanishes itself within a week or 15 days.

After Care

The areas which involved in transplantation may need to bind for the time being. Individual can getting back to ordinary exercises inside a day. Difficult exercises should be evaded the initial not many days after the medical procedure. There might be some expanding, wounding, cerebral pain and inconvenience around the union territories and around the eyes. These symptoms can usually be controlled with a mild pain reliever such as aspirin. May from at the graft sites and should not be scrapped off. There may be some numbness at the sites but it will diminish within two to three months.

Advantages of Hair Transplant

  • The permanent solution to baldness
  • Painless and scare free procedure
  • Have no side effect
  • Safe and undetectable result
  • After surgery hair grows for lifetime and even can be cut, color and styled according to your needs.
Hair Transplant & replacement clinic in Ahmedabad
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The Finest Hair Transplantation Clinic in India

Hair Transplantation for men, Ahmedabad

Hair Transplantation for men

Clion care is the best hair transplantation clinic in Ahmedabad, where we are providing male hair transplant surgery with advanced and revolutionary combine FUE hair transplant technique to get natural result.

Hair Transplantation for women, Ahmedabad

Hair Transplantation for women

At clion care Hair transplant for the women Ahmedabad, Vadodara , Anand, Nadiad, Gujarat Women undergo a hair transplantation procedure do not need to shave off their head or get their hair trimmed at any stage with all modern facilities.

Bio Fue Hair Transplantation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Bio Fue Hair Transplantation

Clion Care pioneer in performing Bio Fue hair transplantation around the globe. He had expertise in performing every technique of hair transplant FUE, FUT and combination of both.

Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

At clion care Eyebrow transplant Dr. Hidayad Memon has a world record of performing the hair restoration surgery for all the concerns including eyebrow, mustache and also an eyelids with more than a decade.

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We provide best hair transplant treatment in major Cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gadhinagar, Mahemdavad, Anand, Nadiad, Mehsana, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Gandhidham, Palanpur, Bhavnagar, Godhra, Morbi, Bharuch, Patan, Navsari , Himatnagar, Halol, Modasa.

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